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5 Reasons to Choose Black Greek Websites

  1. Improve the quality and effectiveness of your website.
    Every Black Greek Website includes a beautiful, eye-catching design customized specifically for your chapter. We work diligently with you to develop a design that captures the unique elements of your organization.
  2. Reduce the costs of overpriced web expenses and hidden fees.
    Black Greek Websites offers an unbeatable, fixed, low monthly cost that covers all of your website expenses, with no extra hidden fees. Additionally, you will receive free website redesigns periodically for no additional fees!
  3. Reduce the amount of time (and headache) required to maintain your website.
    Black Greek Websites make editing and maintaining websites easy and hassle-free. Virtually anyone can update our websites. Custom training videos and help documents are provided as resources. Also, we will help make monthly website edits for you, at no additional cost! Do as much as you feel comfortable with, and we will do the rest.
  4. Use your website as a resource and not just a recruitment tool.
    Your website can be used for more than just a recruitment tool. Take advantage of our private member-only features to store an event calendar, newsletters, meeting minutes, participate in polls and survey, and pay various chapter fees. Black Greek Websites allows you to create an unlimited amount of user accounts to maximize the usefulness of your chapter website.
  5. No one can beat our prices, quality, and value-added services that we offer!
    Use our free Website Comparison Chart to compare our prices, designs, and services with your current provider or potential website vendor, and you’ll see why Black Greek Websites is the best choice for your chapter!

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