How is your website support?

Lack of support is a common reason why websites are often left outdated and fall into disrepair. We support all of our clients on an ongoing basis. Contact us by phone, text message, or email!

How long will it take to launch our new website?

Completion time for launching chapter websites average 6-8 weeks, and varies based on the needs and scheduling of our clients. The more prepared a client is, the sooner their website can be completed and launched.

Do you offer website support once our website has been made?

Yes. As a part of our commitment to provide superior customer service, we are available to help with minor text and image updates if needed, for no additional costs.

Do you provide website training?

Absolutely. We are excited to offer custom pre-recorded video training, live webinars, and written documentation as support options for your website team. Need additional support? We are available by phone and email for your support.

Do you create custom, unique designs for each website?

Without question. We will design an eye-catching, professional website based on your organization’s color scheme and coat of arms or logo. All of our websites are tailored to your identity and no two websites are identical.

Is there a contract involved?

There is no multi-year contract or agreement involved. Our goal is to keep you happy and satisfied. However, you may cancel your website services with us at any time.

Do you provide a domain name?

Yes, all of our packages include a domain name if your chapter is in need of one (for example: www.ridgewaykappas.com). We will register and configure the domain name for your website. Your chapter will own the domain. In the event that you cancel our services, we can transfer the domain to you for a nominal transfer fee (based on our domain provider).

Do you provide website hosting?

Website hosting is included for all packages.

How many pages can our website have?

There is no limit on the amount of pages you can create for your website. Feel free to make as many pages as needed!

Do you offer photo galleries?

For clients that would like to have photo galleries on their websites, we can help get them set up.

Can we make our own content changes?

Yes, you can! We use WordPress, a popular well-supported website content management system that allows you the ability to log into your chapter website and easily manage and update content.

Do you offer email accounts?

Yes! Custom email addresses are not only professional, but they are a great way to advertise your website. We can create email accounts/forwards for you that match your domain name. For example, if your domain name was www.ridgewaykappas.com, we can create emails such as: brian@ridgewaykappas.com or president@ridgewaykappas.com.

There are two types of email solutions that we can provide:

  • Email forwards: An email forward is not an actual account. It merely “forwards” your email to another email address of your choice. For example, any emails sent to brian@ridgewaykappas.com actually get sent to Brian445@gmail.com. Brian only has one email account to manage in this scenario, but the catch is that email forwards are “one-way” only, meaning that Brian cannot send emails as brian@ridgewaykappas.com, he can only receive emails as brian@ridgewaykappas.com.
  • Email accounts: Email accounts are actual accounts that allow one to send and receive emails. In this case, Brian would have two email accounts to manage, but he could send emails and reply to emails as brian@ridgewaykappas.com. We offer a web based mail tool for you to access mail from any Internet enabled device. You can also use Outlook, ThunderBird, Eudora, Mail or some other email client.

Do you offer a password-protected members area?

We can provide you with a password protected area on your website for chapter members to access member-only announcements, documents, photos and other information. Chapter members will each have their own login and password.

Do you integrate social media accounts with your websites?

We will work with clients who desire to integrate new or existing social media features with their websites. Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, and the like are a great way to promote what chapters are doing.

Do you offer e-commerce options?

Yes. We can integrate PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe and many other online payment solutions with your chapter website.

Website Comparison Chart

comparisonAre you considering other website vendors? Use our comparison chart to help you decide! Click below to download our website feature comparison chart.